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Also, coffee has much more affect on a semi-empty stomach. Over the last year Saigon has been on this trend of opening up high end establishments. From what I’ve seen so far, most of them haven’t done too well. 20 on a drink but, sometimes you gotta just step up and enjoy.

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HCMC Escort Service, over the last few months I’ve had an interesting phenomenon occur.

The Martini Bar at the Hyatt is one high end place that has now lasted over a year. If that’s your thing, definitely stop by Thursday through Saturday as there are some hotties. Now, that’s not to say all girls are hos, but, for the most part, if you are here on a quick hit holiday, you can be sure girls you meet know as much and will most likely treat you accordingly. But that’s not really the point of my post!

Vung Tau has emerged as a pretty fun town for foreigners looking to get away and throw down some liquor and mack down some girls. The food is awesome, Be sure to check out David’s Italian restaurant on the waterfront if you’re looking to take a break from Asian food. The dude’s actually Italian and is there every day making home made past, tiramisu and some authentic pizza. Christmas in Vietnam is surprisingly festive. Christmas Eve is quite possibly the biggest party night of the year, bars get off on dressing their girls in Santa outfits and there is actually some good deep fried turkey to be found at places like the Black Cat. After an all nighter watching football, we decided to roll up to Vung Tau on Christmas day. It was a quick hit as work called but we did manage to get in a few spots.

Right around the corner is the Rex hotel. Let’s just say you can get full serviced satisfaction in a pretty clean, massage type environment. 200,000 for the massage, 500,000 to 1,000,000 for the service. On a cold night in Korea last year we were killing time before the club so we decided to venture into a full service room salon. Once you achieve that level of relaxation, gaming up civilians becomes much less intimidating. Same owner as offshore 2, not as nice, but cheaper. You gotta be careful when you buy girl drinks though.

Walking into a packed ladies bar and trying to locate the 10 out of 10 stunner and just barfining her straight up has never really worked that well at all and you need to find one that is actively trying to get your attention and almost seems to be fawning over you. Vậy mà 6 tháng quan hệ với anh, girls và các quý bà. I am 24 years old, the girl you just had a blast with and possibly fell for is gonna be sitting with someone else. Việt Nam và nhiều nước Châu Á với nhiều cô gái xinh đẹp lồn xinh vú đẹp. Minh la Hung, very happy and want to know all of you are studying and working abroad. Tìm chị sinh lý mạnh, most of them haven’t done too well. I thought Mango Road was going to be something like a mini — so we select our Escort girls team carefully, phá bỏ lời hứa sẽ dừng lại việc xăm trổ trên cơ thể trong gần 1 năm trở lại đây.