It is the top level of sports car racing in Japan. JGTC imposed strict limits on power, and heavy weight penalties on race winners in an openly stated objective to keep on-track action close with an emphasis on keeping fans happy. GTS and Japanese oval midget racing cars from the American series join the field. GT cars from Europe and IMSA all joining the field.

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Japanese oval midget racing

Japanese oval midget racing

Japanese oval midget racing
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The JSS series would altogether dissolve into the latter category. What made the series more significant was that compared to other racing series, JGTC teams at the time had the freedom to enter whichever cars they preferred, even if it was the JSS cars from the inaugural season or spaceframe racers from the IMSA GTS class. By the end of the 1995 season, as the cost of obtaining and running a GT1 car had dramatically increased, the JGTC would go through another rules overhaul in order to lower costs and avoid the fate of the JSPC series it had replaced. The newly formed GT500 and GT300 regulations were adopoted, which capped cars with air restrictors depending on their weight and power. While the regulations would continuously evolve, the GT500 and GT300 classes continue to form the top level of Japanese sports car racing today. Japanese Championship” in its name. The series would instead be classified as an “international championship” by the FIA, and would therefore require direct authorization from it, rather than the JAF.

Therefore, on December 10, 2004, it was announced that JGTC would be renamed “Super GT”, with the goals of “challenge to the world”, “challenge from the world”, and “challenge to entertainment”. GT500’s and DTM’s technical regulations, allowing manufacturers to race in both series with a single specification of car. After some delays, full unification of technical regulations is set for 2019. GTA to cancel its Autopolis round, substituting the race with Super GT’s sole instance of a double-header event, comprising two 250 km races held at Motegi. 2006, becoming the longest and most prestigious race on the calendar.

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Japanese oval midget racing

Due to its length, many teams choose to bring an additional driver to contest the race. 2018, although GT3 and JAF-GT cars will continue to be eligible to participate. Suzuka will continue to be featured on the Super GT calendar, but with a shorter 300 km race. The names of the categories derive from their traditional maximum horsepower limit – in the early years of the series, GT500 cars would have no more than 500 horsepower, GT300 cars would max out at around 300 hp. However, the current generation of GT500 powerplants produce in excess of 600 horsepower.

GT300 cars have far less downforce than their GT500 counterparts. In both groups, the car number is assigned to the team, in which each team is allowed to choose whichever number they want as long as the number isn’t already used by any other team. The number assigned to each team is permanent, and may only change hands when the team exits the series. For easy identification, GT500 cars run white headlight covers, windshield decals, and number panels, while GT300 cars run yellow versions of those items. The GT500 class is composed entirely of manufacturer-supported teams, the giants of the Japanese racing industry. Since 2014, GT500 cars have been powered by twin-turbocharged, inline four-cylinder engines with two liters of displacement and producing over 600 horsepower.

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The advancements in aerodynamics and horsepower, combined with an ongoing tyre war driving even higher speeds, have made the GT500 class the fastest form of production-based sports car racing today. Super GT with its planned road-going variant having been cancelled. In the earlier years of the GT500 category, a number of foreign manufacturers entered cars in the series, with varying success. GT500 championship, when it did so in dominant fashion in 1996.

Four-door sedans have never run in the GT500 class, despite the regulations being changed in 2012 to permit their entry. Common aerodynamic regulations with the DTM were adopted, as was Class One’s turbocharged four-cylinder engine specification. Aerodynamic development above a “design line” wrapping around the fenders, bumpers, and doorsills was restricted. Over sixty common parts were introduced, including the brakes, diffuser, and rear wing. Furthermore, KERS units were banned, although the only manufacturer to utilize such systems, Honda, had already discontinued their usage in 2016. Unlike GT500, both works-backed and independent teams compete in GT300, so the field tends to be much more varied in terms of types of cars entered.