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“I know, because I asked management, and they said you’d arranged for all the payments for those jobs to be transferred to my account anyway.” Lu Han cut him off, bright eyes staring straight into his. Jongin swallowed.
He didn’t know how, but somehow Lu Han was already sitting on his bed right in front of him. Jongin sat frozen as the older boy leaned in and pecked him on the cheek, his lips warm and soft. When he turned to look at Sehun in confusion, Sehun was already right there next to him, pulling him into a kiss with actual lips and tongues. He pulled away with a gasp, the tip of his tongue tingling with the taste of the other boy. Jongin closed his eyes, breathing in their mingled scents. Maybe, just maybe .
John J. Concado is a hip-hopping’, diehard Mets fan (and brilliant actor, obvi) who is super passionate about seeing more diversity and gender parity onstage. Read more about him and be sure to check out his latest show, Bamboo in Bushwick written by friend of the company, Ed Cardona, Jr.!
InViolet: How do you identify in the theater world?
John: I’m an ACTOR, first and foremost. A bilingual Latino New Yorker one to be specific. I like writing from time to time, but have yet to knock out my opus, but it’s coming. I love photography as well and it’s definitely a passion, but at the end of the day, if I died onstage doing a Guirgis monologue, I’d die smiling.
InViolet: What has your InViolet journey been like so far?
John: It has been a most fulfilling journey. It started with about five years of supporting from afar – I first saw Megan Hart’s play (she’s dope) and various other Inviolet productions and events, including Bixby’s (I met him and thought “wow he writes so beautifully for a tall man.”). I was already tight with peeps like Gerardo Rodriguez, Bernardo Cubria, and Juan Villa from INTAR as well as from our fantasy football shit-talking sessions. I knew a few members through working with other companies, but did get to meet many others in that time. I finally made my love and appreciation known about a year ago and was kindly invited to participate in the summer retreat up in the Hudson Valley. I got to read for five different plays in such a short time. I wanted these artists that I held in high regard to also respect me as a person and an actor so I was on my best behavior and prepared as best I could in between meals and hanging out. I guess I passed because I was eventually “ Inviolet ringed up” by Angela Razzano on a glorious evening in Madison Square Park with the sweet smells of Shake Shack just feet away. How can an Argentine say no when the smell of meat is present? He can’t. It’s in the constitution or some shit.
InViolet: You have a favorite InViolet memory you can share?
John: I mean, all of the retreat really. The plays were awesome as was the acting. Working on Bixby’s piece with Peter Graham was dope, that f’play, Jesus, gutted! Beautiful beautiful stuff you have to see. Michael Henry Harris being a true gentleman and Michelle David welcoming me like an old friend when I was still a bit nervous. Hanging at a lake with Joseph Mancuso and Otaja Abit and having serious ab envy. It’s such a privilege to be in the company of artists you respect and have the luxury to just focus on the work without the bullshit distractions that life and city living can bring. When you add to that some family time of cooking together, eating together, telling stories together, and a muthafuckin’ bonfire, you can’t beat that. That shit is special and you try to bottle it and carry it with you throughout the year for when things get ugly. And they will, but then you hang with your Inviolet family and you remember what you have and feel really lucky and you keep going.
InViolet: Tell us all about BAMBOO IN BUSHWICK , your show with Working Theater.
John: Even Page Six is excited about this show, as they shouted us out last week!
Bamboo in Bushwick has been in development for the past few years with the help of community outreach centers and local residents of Bushwick, Brooklyn. It’s part of The Working Theater’s 5 yr commitment 5 Boroughs, 1 City in which each year they produce a play with an issue or concern of a particular borough. Ed Cardona Jr. has written a majestic play that we originally thought was mostly about the gentrification of a neighborhood and the pricing out of older locals, but in rehearsals we have discovered other themes as well, including gender and racial politics that are very much present. I play Swayze, a native Queens guy who moved to Bushwick 5 years ago and feels a deep connection to his older local friends, but is he also part of the problem? Besides sharp, witty text, the play has some surrealistic moments in which certain monuments of Bushwick come to life – you’ll have to see it to believe it. We have a great cast and an amazing design team too long to list here, but you should come check it out. Gerry helped us with fight choreography today and it looks dope. We tour all 5 boroughs as part of the Working Theater’s mission to bring theater to the people. I can’t wait to perform it in Bushwick proper. Tickets range from donation based to $25 so very affordable, all the info here: www.theworkingtheater.org/bambooinbushwick.

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